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Angel Food Founders Enter Plea

Three months after shutting down operations, the founders of Angel Food Ministries have pleaded not guilty to fraud and money laundering charges.

Joe and Linda Wingo entered the plea in a Georgia courtroom Thursday.

The couple is accused of using the charity’s funds for personal use.

Angel Food Ministries was based out of Monroe, Georgia.

It provided discounted groceries to needy families across the country, including many right here in the Valley.


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Angel Food Ministries is Blessed to Have Helped Pensacola

Angel Food Ministries on CNN with TJ Holmes

On July 15, 2010, Angel Food Ministries drove up to Gateway Church of Christ in Pensacola with two semi trucks filled with 80,500 pounds of food for people in the region who have been hurt by the effects of the Gulf oil leak that now seems to be contained.

For close to three months, oil has poured from BP’s well and left a slick across the water and coastal region that hurt industries from
fishing to tourism. Pensacola was one of the areas badly affected.

In June, Angel Food sent food to needy fishermen and families in the area of St; Bernard Parish Louisiana, Thursday, Pensacola was blessed. Pat Senkow, the area director for the region and a devoted missionary of the Lord’s work, spent just a few days organizing the event, which drew representatives from 200 hunger advocacy agencies across the Gulf area, who came with trucks and trailers to bring the donated food to those who need it most. Each box of food was enough to feed an average family, and 40 thousand boxes of food were distributed. Volunteers from al over came out to help unload the tractor trailers.

The event attracted media crews as well. The Pensacola News Journal came out, and filed a story. Sean Dugas wrote this: “Vehicles from churches and nonprofits from towns across the Panhandle, including Crestview and Fort Walton Beach, lined up about 9 a.m. at Gateway Church of Christ on Brent Lane in Pensacola and waited for their share of the 80,500 pounds of food.”

Fox 10 in Alabama, came out and reporter Christina Leavenworth wrote this: “Close to 100,000 pounds of food, enough to feed 40,000 families, is given away in Pensacola to help people who are suffering from the oil spill in the Gulf.” The newsclip is here.

Also, WEAR ABC 3 filmed. The story is here.

Later in the day, CNN’s TJ Holmes invited Pastor Joe to his program to talk about the Angel Food Ministries’ mission. See the clip above from Pastor Joe’s live interview on CNN at 2:30 PM EST on July 15th 2010.

The blessing was the ability to give so much to so many, the reward was the amount of volunteers who showed to help others on a hot day.

These pieces chronicle the day in Pensacola.

Angel Food Ministries’ to Deliver Relief to Unemployed and Struggling in Pensacola, FL due to Gulf Oil Disaster

Angel Food Ministries is helping families, workers, women and children in Pensacola, Florida, effected by the loss of work and business due to the Gulf oil disaster by sending two tractor trailers loaded with approximately 78 thousand pounds of food at the Gateway Church of Christ in Pensacola on Thursday morning, July 15th, 2010.

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Pat Senkow, Angel Food Outreach Minister for the region, said, “We have many oil workers who have come here to take care of the oil that washes up here; meanwhile no one is allowed in the water to fish or otherwise, and we have lost so much due to lack of tourism and commerce.”
Mrs. Senkow said, “In Escambia county we have 1,200 homeless children, and Santa Rosa County has 4,700 known homeless before the oil spoiled what we did have.” “The need is so great,” she said.

We know that people are hurting. The economy is suffering and people who rely on the Gulf for industry are hurting even more. We do what we can,” Pastor Joe Wingo, Angel Food CEO, said.


Agencies Participating:

First Assembly of God Milton, 1st Bagdad, 1st Bapt. Milton, 1st UMC Pensacola, ACTS Ministries, Agency for Persons w/disabilities, Bayou LaBatre, Billory Baptist, Child Protective I S, Children’s Home Society, Children’s Home Society, CMA Maranatha Riders, Community Drug & Alcohol, Cornerstone Christian, Cottage Hill Baptist, Council on Aging, Council on Aging, Council on Aging, Crestview Center F&C, Damascus Road, Early learning Coalition, East Hill COGIC, Escambia Family services, Families Count, Families First, Families First, Family Promise of SR, Favor House Shelter, Ferris Hill Baptist, FRAME…Title 1, GAL, Guardian Ad Litem, Guardian Ad Litem, Gulf Breeze UMC, Head Start, Holy Cross, Kugelman Counseling, Lakeview, Loaves and Fishes, Manna Food Pantry, Mary’s Shelter, Myrtle grove Baptist, Olive Baptist Milton, Pathways for Change, Primitive Bapt – Molino, Program Director, RSVP Santa Rosa, School Overlay, Southeastern Vocational, St. Rose of Lima , St. Vincent DePaul , Village, Waterfront-Women’s

Dr. Phil’s Recession Survival Advice with Angel Food Ministries

We were pleasantly happy to see that Angel Food Ministries was listed by Dr. Phil in his article on surviving a harsh economy.

The piece contains some good advice, yet still, it has other advice that you ought to discuss with your own financial experts; be it your father, son, daughter, mother, friend or relative whom you know has some experience in the field.  However, Dr. Phil does give Angel Food Ministries a huge nod as a way to save money on food.  For that reason alone, we suggest you take a look at the article.

I’ll just give you the highlights here, than you can read the rest on his site. (Here)

How to Find Money Hidden in Every Home

Money guru Mary Hunt is the author of Debt Proof Living: The Complete Guide to Living Financially Free. She offers tips for saving more and spending less:


  1. Use coupons
    Go to www.couponmom.com and

    E-mail directly for coupons: Many companies will send cents-off coupons directly to you by simply e-mailing them from their Web sites and requesting information on how to obtain coupons.

  2. Buy only what’s seasonal and on sale
  3. Check the unit price
  4. Stock up when you canCheapest food: Walmart Supercenter was the cheapest because they honor competitor’s coupons.
  5. Fifty percent off food: Check the Internet to see if you have an Angel Food Ministry near you. They provide groceries at a 50 percent discount to those in need of grocery relief and financial support:


A Solid Review for Angel Food Ministries

Angel Food Ministries Review

The Challenge: Does Angel Food Ministries really save money?  If so, how much? And more importantly, is the food any good? 

Methods: Angel Food Ministries is a not-for-profit organization that buys food directly from suppliers at substantial volume discounts. As a result, they are able to provide consumers with approximately $65 worth of food for just $30. They have locations in 45 states.  Angel Food Ministries does NOT sell out of date or inferior products. This is quality, nutritious food – just like you’d get at the grocery store. (Read More)

Angel Food Ministries’ Offers Relief to Fisherman in Louisiana

St. Bernard, Louisiana (June 7, 2010)Angel Food Ministries (www.angelfoodministries.com), an organization dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality food to those in need, is helping Louisiana fisherman and their families affected by the oil spill.

The Gulf region is seeing one of the biggest environmental disasters ever, with the BP oil leak pouring millions of gallons into the waters, polluting the nearby land, destroying the wildlife, and harming the fishing and seafood industries.

Angel Food Ministries is donating a filled tractor trailer of food to local fishermen left unable to work due to the oil spill. Many are jobless; others may be very soon, leaving them and their families without food. On top of a bad economy, the oil spill has adding fuel to the financial fire.  AFM will be joining efforts with its partner, Celebration Church, in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, to distribute the food with hope of helping make a difference.

“The St Bernard’s Pastors coalition is networking together to distribute the food that Angel Food Ministries is generously providing. We recognize the needs of the families here and we are working together to help them in any way possible,” said Pastor Craig Ratliff of Celebration Church.

“The full impact of this oil problem is hard to determine yet, but we do know that people are going without right now.  That we can help right away and Angel Food Ministries will always help where we are able,” Pastor Joe Wingo, Angel Food CEO, said.

WHAT:          Food will be distributed in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana for hungry fisherman

WHERE:        House of Refuge Church, 1561 Hwy 46, St. Bernard, LA

WHEN:          June 8th, 2010 at 12:00pm.

If you would like to help or find out more information please contact Pastor Craig Ratliff at 504.248.0688 or Katrina Weber at 678.979.9513.

Anyone who wishes to make use of Angel Food’s services can call 1-888-819-3745 or visit www.angelfoodministries.com to find the nearest host site.

About Angel Food Ministries

Angel Food Ministries (www.angelfoodministries.com) is a non-profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to providing financial support in the form of food relief to communities throughout the United States.  Established in 1994 to provide relief for struggling families in the Monroe, GA area, Angel Food Ministries today serves hundreds of thousands of families across 45 states, recently welcoming Oregon to the roster where Angel Food’s benefits can be realized. Since inception, Angel Food Ministries has fed more than 22 million Americans. In 2008, AFM provided $120 million in direct food assistance to American families.

Contact: Katrina Weber


Mayor Dean Helps Unload as Angels Roll in With Food for the Needy

As the flood waters begin to recede, the city of Nashville is finding itself facing billions of dollars in damage, and thousands of its citizens facing the worst crisis they have ever lived through.  Since the flooding began, more than 30 people have died and many more have been injured.  With the cleanup beginning, there are people now searching for help finding food and resources sorely lacking.

Help arrived today in the form of an 18 wheeler from the warehouse of Angel Food Ministries in Monroe, Georgia.  Having heard the calls for help and seeing the dire conditions there, Pastor Joe Wingo, CEO of Angel Food rallied support from its own supplies as well as the national organization’s vendors.  Charles G. Manis, owner of Vanguard Culinary Group Ltd. answered the call with Wingo and together, they sent more than ten thousand boxes of food and prepared meals to the people of Tennessee.

“Need is a hard thing to watch, and it is something we have tried hard to combat.  When we saw the devastation in Tennessee, the harsh conditions and the people crying, how could we not answer the call,” asked Joseph Wingo, CEO of the 16 year old Angel Food Ministries.

“Once we knew our trucks could roll on in, we knew we had to come too to help unload and distribute it,” Wingo added.

What he saw when he arrived was an outpouring of support from dozens of volunteers, including the fire and police chief and Mayor Karl Dean, who all joined the bucket brigade of people passing boxes from the Angel Food tractor trailer to the people who needed it most.

Angel Food sent food to Memphis as well.  Elsewhere, in Hartville Missouri, the only grocery store for many miles in all directions burned down Thursday.  Today, as Wingo was unloading food in Nashville, another one of the food agency’s semis was delivering food to hundreds of seniors and families unable to travel the distance to Springfield, Missouri, to put food on their tables.

“Our host site director told us of the situation in Hartville, and the answer was so clear there too,” Wingo said.  “We are so proud of everyone who helped us get here; we are just happy to be able to do our share.”