The Running Preacher


February 13, 2011 6:00 AM

The Running Preacher David Johnson recently completed a series of seven races in six weeks in support of Angel Food Ministries ‘Sponsor a Soldier’s Family’ with a $31 monthly box of food. Johnson completed the following marathons (76.20 miles): The Texas Marathon Jan. 1 in Kingwood; Mississippi Blues Marathon Jan. 8 in Jackson, Miss.; Bank Trust First Light Marathon Jan. 9 in Mobile, Ala.; USA Fit Marathon Jan. 16 in Sugarland; Weechitah Trail Marathon Jan. 22 in Wichita Falls; Miracle Match Marathon Jan. 30 in Waco; and the Rocky Raccoon 50-mile Endurance Trail Run Feb. 5 at Huntsville State Park. To purchase a meal box for a military family, visit or send a check to Angel Food Ministries, P.O. Box 128, Good Hope, GA., 30641, designated to ‘Sponsor a Soldiers’s Family.’ Johnson is pictured at the Miracle Match Marathon in Waco. To contact Johnson, call 367-0038 or e-mail


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