A Testimony From Pennsylvania

A woman came to pick up her food and place an order for next month.  She told me she had a coupon for a free turkey from a local grocery store and wanted to give it to me if I knew of someone that could use it.

I told her that on Thanksgiving my husband and I, plus others are cooking and serving Thanksgiving dinner to individuals that are in rehab because of a drug or alcohol addiction and we could use the free turkey, if that was ok with her.  She started to cry and told me that two years ago she lost her son to a herion overdose and it would make her very happy to know that others with an addiction were getting help and would have a Thanksgiving dinner. She said she had the coupon for the free turkey above her visor in her car, and had not even thought about giving it to anyone at AFM, except when she got our of her car, the coupon fell on her lap.  She tucked the coupon back into the visor and started to get out of her car, but once again the coupon fell on her lap.  She said she then realized that God wanted her to bring it into AFM and offer the turkey, because God knew there was someone at AFM who could use it.  She said she asked God to direct her to who needed the turkey and He said “ask anyone, they will direct you”.  The funny thing is that anytime one of our customers has a question, the other volunteers always direct them to me.

One of our AFM Volunteers gave a Thanksgiving Box to someone who should have gotten the Just 4 Me-After School Box.  When the customer who had ordered the Thanksgiving box came and there wasn’t one for him, he was understandably a bit upset, and I offered to reimburse him for the Thanksgiving Box or I would order him a Christmas Box next month at no charge to him.  He chose to get the free Christmas Box.  I also told him I would try to track down the mistake and would call him if I was able to find the person who got the wrong box.  I called everyone that had ordered the After School Box, to see if they got the Thanksgiving Box instead.  I was able to talk to everyone except one person.  I left a message on that person’s phone asking them to get back to me as soon as possible.  I felt pretty sure this was the person who had the wrong box, because this person was getting one of the free boxes that we give each month to someone we know is in need.  I had given this family a free Signature Box and then my husband and I bought the After School Box for this family because I personally know their situation and know the family does not have any extra money to buy the kind of cool stuff that’s in the Just 4 Me Box.  When the family came to pick up their food, they really didn’t know what all they were getting, and when they got this other gentleman’s Thanksgiving Box, they did not know it was a mistake.  Anyway, I got it all figured out and called the gentleman who ordered and paid for the Thanksgiving Box and told him I would be bringing the box to his house.  While we were talking on the phone, he apologized for being upset at distribution, then he asked me if the family that got his Thanksgiving box by mistake could use the food.  I told him they were really going through some hard times and could definitely use the food.  He said to just let them have it, because when he got home and was complaining to his wife about the mix up, she said, “That was no mistake, God put that box where it was most needed, he just used us to provide it.”  I took the Just 4 Me box to the family and told them they could also keep the Thanksgiving box.  Well, the family was overwhelmed.  I prayed with them and invited them to attend our church’s Thanksgiving Service.  Praise God.


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