Angel Food Ministries is Blessed to Have Helped Pensacola

Angel Food Ministries on CNN with TJ Holmes

On July 15, 2010, Angel Food Ministries drove up to Gateway Church of Christ in Pensacola with two semi trucks filled with 80,500 pounds of food for people in the region who have been hurt by the effects of the Gulf oil leak that now seems to be contained.

For close to three months, oil has poured from BP’s well and left a slick across the water and coastal region that hurt industries from
fishing to tourism. Pensacola was one of the areas badly affected.

In June, Angel Food sent food to needy fishermen and families in the area of St; Bernard Parish Louisiana, Thursday, Pensacola was blessed. Pat Senkow, the area director for the region and a devoted missionary of the Lord’s work, spent just a few days organizing the event, which drew representatives from 200 hunger advocacy agencies across the Gulf area, who came with trucks and trailers to bring the donated food to those who need it most. Each box of food was enough to feed an average family, and 40 thousand boxes of food were distributed. Volunteers from al over came out to help unload the tractor trailers.

The event attracted media crews as well. The Pensacola News Journal came out, and filed a story. Sean Dugas wrote this: “Vehicles from churches and nonprofits from towns across the Panhandle, including Crestview and Fort Walton Beach, lined up about 9 a.m. at Gateway Church of Christ on Brent Lane in Pensacola and waited for their share of the 80,500 pounds of food.”

Fox 10 in Alabama, came out and reporter Christina Leavenworth wrote this: “Close to 100,000 pounds of food, enough to feed 40,000 families, is given away in Pensacola to help people who are suffering from the oil spill in the Gulf.” The newsclip is here.

Also, WEAR ABC 3 filmed. The story is here.

Later in the day, CNN’s TJ Holmes invited Pastor Joe to his program to talk about the Angel Food Ministries’ mission. See the clip above from Pastor Joe’s live interview on CNN at 2:30 PM EST on July 15th 2010.

The blessing was the ability to give so much to so many, the reward was the amount of volunteers who showed to help others on a hot day.

These pieces chronicle the day in Pensacola.


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