Mayor Dean Helps Unload as Angels Roll in With Food for the Needy

As the flood waters begin to recede, the city of Nashville is finding itself facing billions of dollars in damage, and thousands of its citizens facing the worst crisis they have ever lived through.  Since the flooding began, more than 30 people have died and many more have been injured.  With the cleanup beginning, there are people now searching for help finding food and resources sorely lacking.

Help arrived today in the form of an 18 wheeler from the warehouse of Angel Food Ministries in Monroe, Georgia.  Having heard the calls for help and seeing the dire conditions there, Pastor Joe Wingo, CEO of Angel Food rallied support from its own supplies as well as the national organization’s vendors.  Charles G. Manis, owner of Vanguard Culinary Group Ltd. answered the call with Wingo and together, they sent more than ten thousand boxes of food and prepared meals to the people of Tennessee.

“Need is a hard thing to watch, and it is something we have tried hard to combat.  When we saw the devastation in Tennessee, the harsh conditions and the people crying, how could we not answer the call,” asked Joseph Wingo, CEO of the 16 year old Angel Food Ministries.

“Once we knew our trucks could roll on in, we knew we had to come too to help unload and distribute it,” Wingo added.

What he saw when he arrived was an outpouring of support from dozens of volunteers, including the fire and police chief and Mayor Karl Dean, who all joined the bucket brigade of people passing boxes from the Angel Food tractor trailer to the people who needed it most.

Angel Food sent food to Memphis as well.  Elsewhere, in Hartville Missouri, the only grocery store for many miles in all directions burned down Thursday.  Today, as Wingo was unloading food in Nashville, another one of the food agency’s semis was delivering food to hundreds of seniors and families unable to travel the distance to Springfield, Missouri, to put food on their tables.

“Our host site director told us of the situation in Hartville, and the answer was so clear there too,” Wingo said.  “We are so proud of everyone who helped us get here; we are just happy to be able to do our share.”


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