Hunger in America is Growing

Have you seen this editorial in the New York Times? Hunger in America is growing. 37 million people, about one in eight Americans, knocked on a door of a hunger relief organization – that’s 46 % higher than three years ago. In an article in Thursday’s Times, it talks of the stigma of SNAP (Food Stamps) being lifted, and people who once would not seek them, now rely heavily on the resource.

Why is this important? America needs help. we need an answer for the vexing problems facing our own – and government has yet to offer to the solutions. Yet, for 15 years, Angel Food Ministries has found a way to help people buy wholesome food for far less than they’d pay elsewhere, and it has also pumped needed funds – some $26 million – back into local home-grown organizations in over 6000 communities across 44 states.

It feeds people for less; gives money back and never seeks donations itself – that is the model of a hunger relief organization on the cutting edge, ready to take on the challenges to meet the demands for those 37 million Americans seeking help.

Take a look at Angel Food Ministries; review our February menu; order for yourself or order for someone you know today.

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