Angel Food Ministries Extends the Order Deadline!

Angel Food Ministries has made a hard decision and we thank our loyal hosts sites for directing us on this matter.  Since we sent out the order reminder earlier this week, we have received quite a bit of feedback stemming from the order date.  We understand that we may have miscalculated the need for extending the ordering period into the week of the 17th, and we are now doing just that.

As per the requests of literally thousands of our host churches and organizations, the staff and leadership here at Angel Food Ministries has made a decision that we pray will help our host sites and those who seek our service and support.

The ordering deadline for January will be extended until Monday, January 18th at 5:00PM EST.

what we are doing is changing the cutoff dates in AngelNet and on line for you.  If a Host Site has already closed out their orders, we urge you to go back in and check for any additional orders that may arrive online.  If you feel you are ready to close your site’s orders, you can do that on your Angelnet side, but the online portion will remain open until the deadline.  Please go back in and print the orders again.

This is not an easy decision, and we know that many of you may find this to be an issue.  We apologize in advance, but beg for your understanding.  We have too many host sites who have made this request of us, and we are listening.

Please note – Host Sites are the only ones being alerted at this point.  we have not planned an email to our client base at this point. We believe that the advanced notice will help you prepare.

Remember the special this month – we have brought the Seafood Box back by popular demand;  Better still, if you claim a Seafood Box and our Special #4 7lb Premium Meat Box and enter the Coupon Code SURFNTURF, you will get $2 off the price of the order.

If you have any questions, you know how to reach us.  Thank you.


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