Angel Food Ministries Expands to into South Dakota, its 41st State

Watertown and Sioux Falls Deliver Food Relief and Faith

United States of America (Press Release) June 5, 2009 — Monroe, GA — (June 5, 2009) – Angel Food Ministries (, an organization dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality food to those in need, just expanded its reach into South Dakota, the 41st state it serves. This year, its 15th year of operation providing faith through food relief, the organization reached several outreach milestones; including significant boosts in its distribution span, its 15th Anniversary and expansion into two additional states, Arizona in April and now, South Dakota.

The Family Worship Center in Watertown, SD and Calvary Assembly of God in Sioux Falls, SD are the newest members of the Angel Food family. The first distribution of Angel Food’s faith and food will commence later this month.

“We are just blessed to be able to proclaim that we now cover so much of the United States and none of it would be possible without the love and support of more than 5000 churches and community groups,” Pastor Joseph Wingo, its CEO, stated. Still, we have so many more people in need here, so many economic uncertainties; we at Angel Food understand that there is no time to waste resting on laurels or milestones. Angel Food is committed to reaching everyone who asks and anyone who needs,” he added.

Angel Food Ministries ( is a non-profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to providing financial support in the form of food relief to communities throughout the United States. Established in 1994 to provide relief for struggling families in the Monroe, GA area, Angel Food Ministries today serves hundreds of thousands of families across 41 states. Since inception, Angel Food Ministries has fed more than 22 million Americans, and has donated more than $22 million in financial assistance back into the communities it serves. In 2008, AFM provided $120 million in direct food assistance to American families and donated $5.2 million to American communities.

Angel Food offers a medium-sized box of food for $30 that contains top quality food staples from every food group, including chicken or beef, milk, eggs, vegetables, and other nutritious items. One box of food feeds a family of four for about one week, or a single senior citizen for almost a month. The menu varies each month, and consists of both fresh and frozen items with an average retail value of approximately $60.


These were purchased from the Bi-Lo in Goose Creek, SC, as a comparison to AFM

These were purchased from the Bi-Lo in Goose Creek, SC, as a comparison to AFM


In these rough economic times, we want to be certain that our food is cost effective and helpful. This is an unsolicited letter from a Host Site Director to friends, family and Angel Food recipients

Dear Host Sites:

I thought this bit of news might interest all of you. I went to our Bi-Lo in Goose Creek this evening on a mission to find out just how much we are saving our Angel Food customers and I was once again pleasantly surprised. The cost of our menu at Bi-Lo came to a grand total of $75.64. Keep in mind I did not use my Bi-Lo Bonus card and as you know some of the quantities and brands were not an exact match, so I think it might be fair to say that I could have shaved a few dollars in there somewhere. I really don’t know,

Daren Adams' receipt from Bi-Lo in Goose Creek

Daren Adams' receipt from Bi-Lo in Goose Creek

I am just guessing, but I think all in all this is a valuable tool and a great indicator that you can share with people that the value of the dollar saved by purchasing our AFM Signature menu is still as real and valuable as ever. Just thought you would like to know. See attachments for a picture of the food purchased and a copy of the receipt.

Daren Adams
Minister Of Outreach
North Carolina


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