Great Food, Great Price, Right Time for Angel Food Ministries

These days, anything that can help save a family money is golden.  Whether we cut out the luxuries, cut down on the basics, or just cut every corner, families are trying to find ways to keep some level or normalcy while making ends meet.  Angel Food Ministries helps a family through the hard times by allowing them to keep the feeding standards high, while putting the money saved to use where it is more urgent.

The menus are varied and interesting, the food is of great quality, and anyone who wants it, can get it.  Every cent counts when on a budget, and you can count the savings.

Churches use AFM to feed their flock and bring people in, while families love the connection to community and faith, and also love the idea of getting great food for less.

Expansion into coastal states like California and New York is helping AFM’s reach into many more homes, putting money into many more churches and communities.


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