Why We Do What We Do

At a recent distribution at Emmanuel Praise Church, the Founding Church of Angel Food Ministries, a woman and her 7-year-old daughter came to pick up the box of food they had ordered. This was the first time they had ordered from Angel Food Ministries and they were excited to find out what they were getting. They were given their box and they both watched as it moved down the line being filled with each item. At one point the little girl began to tug on the arm of her mother saying, “Look Mommy Look! They are putting pizza in the box…mommy look!” The volunteer who was assisting them asked the little girl, “So do you like pizza?” What she said next tore his heart in two. She replied, “Yes sir, I had pizza at a birthday party one time and it was so good I had two pieces.”
The volunteer couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This was a 7-year-old girl living in this country of plenty and she had only had pizza one time in her life. He was so moved by this girl’s statement that he went back and got the family another box of food to take home with them. That way he thought the little girl could have two pizzas. She then showed him something that left him almost speechless. She turned to her mother and said, “Mommy do you think Daddy would like some pizza too?”
The sad truth is that there are literally millions of children just like this little girl throughout America. Many of them are right there in your community. It is our mission to find those children and make sure they get the proper nutrition they need and why not throw in a pizza or two.


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