Media Manipulation

It is funny how the media works not just to report the news, but to make what and how they report, newsworthy.  Angel Food Ministries had been in the papers and online these past few weeks; much of it for the solid good work of getting food to people who need it, yet some of it for a ruckus over executive salaries and for a government search that occurred last week.

We take no issue with reporting the news, nor would we expect a journalist to compromise his/her integrity.  However, we do find it very telling when reports get reported in the manners they do.  Take the Atlanta Journal Constitution and the pieces they ran on us in  since February 11; items that ran covering possible wrongdoing ran on the Internet and in the actual paper for anyone to see.  As there are those who still read the paper over breakfast, this is still the bigger media prize for most.  Therefore, when the piece that ran yesterday on the Internet about the good work that Angel Food Ministrties does, it failed to appear in the paper today.  You see, Angel Food Ministries sent a truckload of food donations to Hosea Feed the Hungry and to the Northern Georgia Food Bank in Athens yesterday.

We know that actual newsprint is an expensive commodity today, with news rooms cutting back on staff as advertisers cut their budgets, but it is hard to not to notice how they find room for sensationalism, but cut corners when it is just pure.

Ange Food Ministries feeds familes for about $4.30 per day with good food.  It offers a hand-up, not a hand out and has a solution for food insecurity like few others have found.

let’s see that make the headlines.  It should!


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